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[bug#30603] Upgrade Racket to 6.12

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: [bug#30603] Upgrade Racket to 6.12
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 11:54:33 -0600
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Christopher Lemmer Webber writes:

> Danny Milosavljevic writes:
>> Hmmm... doesn't that break the GC?
>> I would just remove MZ_IS_NEG_ZERO in the first place.  There's a fallback 
>> in the caller...
>> Or use a newer gcc so MZ_IS_NEG_ZERO expands to a builtin.
> Hm, maybe it does break the GC.  I actually admittedly have no idea how
> the patch I applied "fixes" things... I was just miming the "solution"
> in:
> I have filed my own issue but have not yet heard back:
> Danny, which of the suggestions you made do you think we should do?
> Maybe removing MZ_IS_NEG_ZERO is easier?  I don't know what implications
> there are in bumping up gcc...

I just discovered that this doesn't have to do with a new release of
Racket, but some other dependency that Racket must be using (GCC?) that
recently broke our ability to compile Racket, including Racket 6.11, the
current Racket in Guix.  I can't build it, and the error is the same
kind of error as what I was getting with 6.12:

  Error [GCING] 1780 in ./../src/number.c: Function minus_zero_p declared 
__xform_nongcing__, but includes a function call at __signbitf128.
  Error [GCING] 1958 in ./../src/number.c: Function double_is_integer declared 
__xform_nongcing__, but includes a function call at __isinff128.
  Error [GCING] 4050 in ./../src/number.c: Function double_fits_fixnum declared 
__xform_nongcing__, but includes a function call at __isinff128.
  xform: Errors converting
 [running body]
  [running body]

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