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[bug#28004] Chromium 65

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: [bug#28004] Chromium 65
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 21:10:48 +0200
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Attached is a patch for Chromium 65.

New in this version:

* Deleting third party files is now done with a single traversal of the
  file system, instead of the "shotgun" approach used previously.  I
  also added a second pass to scrub bundled JARs and tarballs, that will
  be incorporated in the "nftw" snippet eventually.

* It's using Clang instead of GCC since the latter is no longer
  supported upstream (as in part of their continuous integration).  GCC5
  in particular is completely broken with this release.  Debian and
  NixOS are apparently able to build it with GCC 6 and 7 respectively,
  but Arch and Gentoo changed to Clang with 65.  Unfortunately GCC6 and
  later has other problems in Guix: <>.

* Various tweaks to build options after reading the "GN" flags more
  closely.  In particular, more debugging symbols have been removed.

I haven't done anything on the privacy side since this update was
difficult enough as-is.  You'll notice a few hacks around Clang and
libstdc++, and also that currently only x86_64 is supported due to
unconditionally adding the x86_64 triplet to CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH.

Hopefully future updates will be easier.  Any feedback on the
Clang/libstdc++ issues mentioned in the patch are very welcome.

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