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bug#29732: [PATCH 1/1] services: Add dhcpd-service-type and <dhcpd-confi

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: bug#29732: [PATCH 1/1] services: Add dhcpd-service-type and <dhcpd-configuration>.
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 00:44:20 -0700
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

>> For now, it's nice enough, I think, that we have a DHCPv4 system test!
>> Please let me know what you think.
> I agree, nice job!

Thank you!  I hope this service proves useful to somebody besides just

> Please mention the gnu/tests/networking.scm changes in the log.

Good catch; I've fixed the ChangeLog entry.  I've also added
documentation for <dhcpd-configuration> in the manual, since users
deserve good documentation.  I've committed all this as

Thank you both for your helpful review!


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