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[bug#33304] [PATCH] services: elogind: Fix spelling errors of left value

From: Stefan Stefanović
Subject: [bug#33304] [PATCH] services: elogind: Fix spelling errors of left value fields in elogind config file.
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2018 17:10:12 +0100

This patch fixes some spelling errors in logind,conf elogind config file.

I am working on updating elogind.
I need the latest version in order to package some applications.

The newest version of from master with some additional patches is OK,
I am currently testing it on my system.

My plan is to wait for those necessary patches to land in elogind upstream,
probably for the v240 release. If anyone is interested in my
elogind package definition, that uses new meson build system,
and the patches that are necessary please let me know.
I will send them to guix-patches mailing list with the [WIP] tag.


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