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[bug#33471] [PATCH] gnu: elogind: Update to 239.2.

From: Stefan Stefanović
Subject: [bug#33471] [PATCH] gnu: elogind: Update to 239.2.
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 07:10:34 +0100


Thanks to your input and suggestions I managed to simplify the original patch.
I will attach the second patch to this e-mail.

I tried to stick to the suggestions you gave me,
and tried to make this patch as small as possible.
The "--novalid" option is not necessary for this build so, I removed it.
Please comment on this patch, and point out other areas I need to improve.

I will try to test this patch on my main system.
I expect it to work, we will see. ;)

Thank you.


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