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[bug#33508] [PATCH] gnu: Add ability to restart services on system recon

From: Carlo Zancanaro
Subject: [bug#33508] [PATCH] gnu: Add ability to restart services on system reconfigure
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:41:01 +1100
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Hey Guix!

A few months ago I mentioned the idea of adding the ability to have services automatically restarted when running "guix system reconfigure". These patches are a start on making that happen. They're incomplete (in particular, documentation is missing), but I'm offering them up for comment.

The broad idea is to add a new field to our guix shepherd services: restart-strategy. There are three valid values:

- always: this service is always safe to restart when running reconfigure

- manual: this service may not be safe to restart when running reconfigure - a message will be printed telling the user to restart the service manually, or they can provide the --restart-services flag to reconfigure to automatically restart them

- never: this service is never safe to restart when running reconfigure (eg. udev)

I have added the flag to the guix daemon's shepherd service to show how it works. I tested this by changing my substitute servers in config.scm, and after running "reconfigure" I saw my updated substitute servers in ps without having to run "sudo herd restart guix-daemon".

If nobody has any feedback in the next few days then I'll update the manual and send through another patch.


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