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[bug#34048] [PATCH] gnu: z3: Update to 4.8.4.

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: [bug#34048] [PATCH] gnu: z3: Update to 4.8.4.
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 22:57:02 -0500
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Hi Leo,

Thanks for the reply.


> I tested this patch and found that arachne-pnr fails its test suite
> after upgrading z3.
> Can you take a look?

Do you have test suite logs from before and after applying the patch?
Running ‘guix build arachne-pnr’ seems to fail for me on both ‘master’
and on my local ‘z3-4.8.4’ branch with my patch applied, so I’m not sure
if it’s my patch that’s broken its test suite.

Also, I’m a bit of Guix newbie, and I’m curious about if, and how, you
test all the packages, only those that depend on Z3, or if you happened
to stumble upon arachne-pnr’s failure.


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