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bug#34195: [PATCH v2] linux-modules: Add modules-soft-dependencies.

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: bug#34195: [PATCH v2] linux-modules: Add modules-soft-dependencies.
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 18:25:37 +0100

Hi Ludo,

>That was fast!  :-)

Yeah, I dislike ticking boot time bombs ;-)

Thanks for the review!

Pushed as 1a5f46621b44aa1458ad7acd4eca5fe1d4574f92 
and 519be98c3536b5113cde368f9dc6db2e1ebe073e (tiny fix)
to guix master.

Note that it returns something like

(("pre" . "module-1") ("pre" . "module-2"))

So the user might want to

(1) map cdr (or match ;) ) it
(2) replace dashes by underscores if a filename is desired 
(although in practise nobody in the mainline Linux seems to use dashes there
right now, their example in include/linux/module.h has dashes :P)

Example result:

scheme> (module-soft-dependencies "/tmp/vfio.ko")
$2 = (("post" . "vfio_iommu_spapr_tce") ("post" . "vfio_iommu_type1"))

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