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[bug#34265] [PATCH 2/9] gnu: sexplib0: Update to 0.12-preview.120.18+252

From: Gabriel Hondet
Subject: [bug#34265] [PATCH 2/9] gnu: sexplib0: Update to 0.12-preview.120.18+252.
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 18:49:52 +0100
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Hi Julien,

On Thu 31 Jan 2019 at 18:28 Julien Lepiller wrote:

> We usually don't use beta,preview or otherwise unreleased software in guix. 
> The opam website still has 0.11.0 as the latest version. What's the reason 
> behind this change?

Some packages still use jbuilder things and other use dune ones in the
0.11.x versions of jane street packages.  It resulted in errors with, for
instance ppxlib, who kept files in jbuilder syntax (although the file
was named ppxlib.dune).  In the 0.12 preview, everything uses dune.

> Tge libdir thing is worrying.

Concerning the =libdir=, it seems that Jane Street installs by default
everything to e.g. =lib/sexplib0/= directly (or =lib/ocaml/sexplib0= I
don't remember), but not in =lib/ocaml/site-lib/=, resulting in
libraries not found.

> Is it now needed with newer versions of dune? 

Curiously, this was already an issue, as the ~janestreet-origin~
function shows in =ocaml.scm= but it disappeared in the 0.10/0.11
series, as I packaged ~ocaml-sexplib0~ &c. without any issue; and it
reappeared when upgrading dune to 1.6.3.  So it seems that it is needed
with the new version of dune.

> Shouldn't we rather modify the dure-build-system?

It would seem to be a better idea.  I can give it a try.

> These questions apply to other packages in the series, so I'll refrain from 
> pushing anything for now.



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