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[bug#34365] [PATCH] gnu: Add python-daemon.

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: [bug#34365] [PATCH] gnu: Add python-daemon.
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2019 03:42:29 -0800

On 2019-02-07, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
>> * gnu/packages/python-xyz.scm (python-daemon): New variable.
> Thanks for the patch!

Thanks for the lightning fast review!

>> +         (add-before 'check 'disable-tests
>> +           (lambda _
>> +             ;; FIXME: Determine why test fails
>> +             (substitute* "test/"
>> +               (("test_detaches_process_context")
>> +                "skip_test_detaches_process_context")))))))
> Before pushing this I’ll add a final #T to this phase.  (In the past #F
> would indicate failure, but that’s on longer the case.  “substitute*”
> annoyingly returns an unspecified value.)

My eyes still have trouble identifying where exactly this would
go... and #T/#F vs. #t/#f has me a bit confused for good measure!

Obviously, it'd be better to fix the test, or at least understand why it

>> +    (propagated-inputs
>> +     `(("python-docutils" ,python-docutils)
>> +       ("python-lockfile" ,python-lockfile)
>> +       ("python-setuptools" ,python-setuptools)))
>> +    (native-inputs
>> +     `(("python-unittest2" ,python-unittest2)
>> +       ("python-testtools" ,python-testtools)
>> +       ("python-testscenarios" ,python-testscenarios)
>> +       ("python-mock" ,python-mock)
>> +       ("python-docutils" ,python-docutils)))
> Docutils is both among native inputs as well as regular inputs.  Is this
> intended?

I *think* it only needs to be in native-inputs; I think propagated
outputs was generated by the importer... and now that my attention is
drawn to it, I'm dubious of python-setuptools needing to be in
propagated-inputs as well. I can update it and check again later...

>> +    (license (list license:asl2.0 license:gpl3+))))
> What does this list mean?

I guess it's best practice in Guix to make a comment when multiple
licenses are listed?

Apparently only is gpl3+, everything else is apache 2.0
licensed. That was my quick look at the code itself, and basically
confirmed by:

live well,

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