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[bug#34548] [PATCH 06/24] gnu: Add r-leaflet.

From: swedebugia
Subject: [bug#34548] [PATCH 06/24] gnu: Add r-leaflet.
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 10:03:23 +0100

On 02/21/2019 09:14 PM, Brett Gilio wrote:
swedebugia writes:

Brett Gilio <address@hidden> skrev: (19 februari 2019 19:32:12 CET)
 However, on that note, do we
any progress on an npm importer? I know that came up awhile back.
Julien is sitting on the patchset right now since a few weeks. 

It still has some defects still but is mostly working.

The problem of circular dependencies is still unsolved. I suggest we add to our importer the ability to parse and select versions recursively. I tried but failed to get it to work before I gave up.
Hey, where is the patchset located? I wouldn't mind taking a look.

Here it is:

Julien integrated my changes (which consisted of changing to use the npm-packages instead of github sources) on top of Jelles earlier work and made some changes after that (fixing the recursive importer :D) and rebased the whole thing.

Most smaller packages include everything in the npm-packages but when reviewing we should check that we are actually building from source and not just installing some precompiles js-files (which you can imagine will take a long time).

Fortunately it is "only" 1500-2000 packages i a couple of different versions that are used in most projects that I have explored with the very nice tool npm-explorer (see

We essentially need to write our own npm dependency resolver to avoid circular dependencies.
What in my view is currently missing to decide which version of dependencies to import is a semver parser. I took a stab at that, see below[1], but it is messy and buggy and should probably be implemented with PEG[2].

Now that I recently succeded with PEG in my unpublished WIP quicklisp importer I could give it another try with PEG.

Have fun with it!

;; FIXME consider even the patch versions.
;; See
(define (parse-semver hashtable version)
  "return the newest version within the same major or minor version"
  (define (split list)
    (string-split list #\.))
  (define (version-list hashtable)
    (map split
	 (map first
	      (hash-table->alist (hash-ref hashtable "versions")))))
  (define (major list)
    (first list))
  (define (minor list)
    (second list))
  (define (minor->number list)
    (string->number (minor (split list))))
  ;; Return latest minor with same major version.
  ;; e.g. ^1.1.0 -> 1.4.0 even though 2.0.0 is availiable
  (let* ((version (split (string-drop version 1)))
	  (map first
	       (hash-table->alist (hash-ref hashtable "versions"))))
	  (if (equal? 3 (length version))
	       ;; recurse through version-list
	       (lambda (ver lst)
		 (if (string-prefix? (major version) ver)
		     (cons ver lst)
	      ;; not a version triplet
    ;; From
     (lambda (str prev)
       (if (> (minor->number str) (minor->number prev))
     ;;init with 0.0.0 work with minor->number


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