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[bug#35866] [PATCH] gnu: Add qtwebengine.

From: mrosset
Subject: [bug#35866] [PATCH] gnu: Add qtwebengine.
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 10:48:52 -0700
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Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

Hello Ludovic, thank you for looking at this.

> <> looks pretty exciting, which
> motivates me to take a look at this patch.  :-)

This is my motivation for having this included with guix. the main URL
is and the main source is Development
is currently being done on the feature-qt branch.

Nomad is still very much WIP. And some early documentation can be found

In short Nomad is an extensible web browser that uses GNU guile as it's
extension language. And is heavily modeled after Emacs.

>> +    (synopsis "Qt5WebEngine")
>> +    (description "Qt5WebEngine provides support for web
>> +applications using the Chromium browser project.")
> As you may know, Guix contains a variant of ‘ungoogled-chromium’, which
> goes to great lengths to remove non-free software, DRM support, spyware, etc.
> The problem is that QtWebEngine bundles Chromium.  We would need to
> “unbundle” it and/or replace it with ‘ungoogled-chromium’.  I’m not sure
> how hard that is.

I have done some research as to how best to handle the chromium sources
that are distributed with qtwebengine. From my understanding so far. QT
has similar goals as ungoogle-chromium. Based off of the information
found here Binaries are stripped from
source tree. Services that talk to Google are removed. And the code is
refactored to use system libraries like OpenSSL.

There is a more in depth break down on the chromium rebase process found
here. .

It seems to me that QT is already doing the right thing
here. Unfortunately I don't think it will be easy to reuse the
ungoogle-chrome code base. It would probably require manually re-basing
then applying qt patches. Also there is no clear benefit for it. Since
updating ungoogle-chromium would not directly benefit qtwebengine. In
short QT seems to already be doing the necessary work.

I can though now, do my best to ensure that the least amount of 3rd
party libraries are used. I'll update my patch as soon as possible. And
I will explore the chromium source issue more in the process.


Mike Rosset

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