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[bug#38941] [PATCH 0/5] Support fluidsynth and opus in sdl(2)-mixer, and

From: Timotej Lazar
Subject: [bug#38941] [PATCH 0/5] Support fluidsynth and opus in sdl(2)-mixer, and other tweaks
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 12:12:36 +0100

Danny Milosavljevic <address@hidden> [2020-01-05 13:23:44+0100]:
> Let's put it in the description of the sdl-mixer package.
> After all, it would document the usage of an interface that sdl-mixer 
> provides.

OK, I sent a patch describing runtime setup for MIDI playback.

> How often is it that a user switches MIDI soundfonts?
> Does a user expect a default soundfont?
> That would tell us whether we should provide such a default (and increase
> the closure size of sdl2-mixer considerably, maybe?).

The packages `freepats` and `fluid-3` are 31.9 and 13.9 MiB
respectively. I think that the best solution would be to include them as
inputs to packages that use sdl-mixer to actually play MIDI files. I did
so for CorsixTH (patch submitted), which was also the reason for the
sdl-mixer patches. :)

Thank you for the feedback!

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