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[bug#39021] [PATCH] Add Keybase

From: Jakub Kądziołka
Subject: [bug#39021] [PATCH] Add Keybase
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 21:00:39 +0100

Hi Guix,

please find attached a set of patches that adds the non-GUI parts of
Keybase (the GUI is an Electron application - as far as I am aware,
there are no similar packages in Guix, so packaging the GUI requires a
significant amount of further work).

Unresolved question: in other distributions, the package provides user
units for systemd. Should the Guix package provide Shepherd services to
be ran as the user? If so, are there any other examples I could look at
and draw inspiration from? Also, I haven't been able to find any
documentation on how to set up user shepherd, apart from a passing
mention of that being possible in the documentation. I would appreciate
any pointers on the topic.

Jakub Kądziołka

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