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[bug#39020] Lean won't work with the emacs mode

From: Arvid Marx
Subject: [bug#39020] Lean won't work with the emacs mode
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2020 15:18:14 +0100
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Maxim Cournoyer wrote:
> Hello Arvid,
> [...]
> When writing the package definition for the Emacs Lead mode, the code
> could be rewritten to refer to the absolute path of the
> files/programs
> it uses from the Lean project, by patching it with `substitute*'
> uses,
> for example.
> If that is not easy to do, another idea would be to create some kind
> of
> overlay directory which would flatly collect all the items needed
> then
> refer to that (the items would be symlinked to their real location).
> See the `union-build' procedure of the (guix build union) module of
> Guix.
> HTH!
> Maxim

Hello Maxim,

thanks for your response! The second idea is basically what I had in
mind, as the Lean mode seems to depend on an actual file tree. Patching
the emacs mode however looks quite simple, as all one needed to do is
change the definition of lean-get-executable as defined in
. I might take a closer look and write a simple patch at some point,
but up to that point, it appears that just using ~/.guix-profile as a
root directory works as well, or at least doesn't raise any errors when
type checking etc.

Again, thanks for feedback!



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