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[bug#38905] gnu: Add gnome-initial-setup. (v2)

From: Raghav Gururajan
Subject: [bug#38905] gnu: Add gnome-initial-setup. (v2)
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2020 09:00:22 -0500

Hello Julien!

> Thanks for the patch!

My pleasure. :-)

> I have a few questions about it, even though I didn't try to build it
> yet. What is optional in configure-flags? You should probably remove
> the comment in the inputs (the package doesn't exist, right?).

I have revised the patch. -Dcheese=auto is for camera support for the
new user to set profile picture by taking selfie via camera.
-Dsystemd=false is to disable systemd dependency.

> I'm a bit puzzled by how this package works. Should some of these
> inputs be propagated or hard-coded in the code of the package?
> Shouldn't they be available at runtime? What does ibus, upower and
> the
> like do for the build itself?

The application starts up as a set-up wizard when new user login for
first time, to configure the GNOME desktop. It typically provides a
tour of all gnome components and allows the user set settings for each.

I have built, installed and ran it for testing. Works good. Those
dependencies need not be propagated. I think the application uses
data/information from those packages and present it to user during the

> I think pkg-config should be a native-input.

Yeah, I revised the patch.

> The description is a bit vague. What does it do exactly? Maybe
> there's
> some things that guix cannot setup and that's what it's used for? I'm
> not sure what the policy for "aims to" is, but I think I would remove
> it.

I am not able come up with better one at this time. Let me leave it as
it is for now, as I will be revising all gnome packages in the near
future. :-)

Please find the revised patch (v2) attached with this email.


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