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[bug#39136] [PATCH] gnu: services: Add endlessh.

From: Nicolò Balzarotti
Subject: [bug#39136] [PATCH] gnu: services: Add endlessh.
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 22:21:29 +0100

Hello guix!

This is my first service :) I know I still miss documentation and tests,
but before diving into it I wanted a general feedback on it (so that if
we decide to change something I don't have to adjust the docs and the
tests twice).

Endlessh is already in the repo, but for those who don't know: it's a
fake ssh server; it should be used to prevent bruteforce attacks and the
like by "freezing" the connection on the standard port (while the real
ssh server is on another non-standard port).  So, I don't know if as
default port should be 22 or, as it is now, 2222 (program's default).

My second doubt is regarding the place; it's an ssh server, but its main
purpose is for security? Maybe should go under admin.scm? I'm not sure

Last thing: bind-family as a list of allowed values is a suggetion from
IRC @leoprikler. Thanks for your help there!

Waiting for your feedback,


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