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[bug#38390] [bug #38390] Building bootstrap Gash and Gash-Utils

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: [bug#38390] [bug #38390] Building bootstrap Gash and Gash-Utils
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2020 12:33:12 -0500
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Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> skribis:
>> @Timothy: I haven't included your previous patches on `wip-bootstrap',
>> feel free to push them to wip-bootstrap.
>> We are getting real close to merging this, I think.
> This is exciting.  Let’s synchronize with Marius once the branch has
> stabilized to see if this can go in ‘core-updates’ this time.


I just pushed five commits to “wip-bootstrap”.  They are a little
different from the patches I sent.

For one, I followed Ludo’s advice and added a “gnu-bootstrap” module for
the build code.  That means I got rid of “make-bootstrap-phases” and
adjusted the packages accordingly.  It’s a little janky, but it does
clear up “commencement.scm”.

Bootar is released and saw some cosmetic improvements.  Notably, it
disables “escape-newlines” and uses “pretty-print”, making the SES file
easy to read for humans.  The SES file is still hosted on my server, but
at a stable URL.  Is it worrisome that it’s on my server?  I put a
mirror on Gitlab <>, but the
URL to the actual file is kinda ugly.  Thoughts?

Gash-Utils is released!  The Git repo and tarball are on Savannah.  I
updated how the base package builds a little bit, and fiddled with the
home-page, synopsis, and description.  The bootstrap version was
installing a useless “template” binary, which I fixed.

I noticed a little issue with “%boot-mesboot1-inputs”, so I fixed it and
made sure that “bootar” does not get propagated past that point.

I have not tested the full bootstrap yet, but I did test “hello-mesboot”
on basically this same code, and it was fine.  Since almost nothing
substantial has been changed, it should be OK, but you never know until
you try!  I’ll build the full thing as fast as my little computer can.

-- Tim

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