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[bug#39530] [PATCH] guix: Support partial download

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: [bug#39530] [PATCH] guix: Support partial download
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2020 20:23:58 +0100

Hi Guix!

This patch adds support for partial download of fixed-output
derivations. I'm not very confident it can be pushed as-is, and it has
some shortcomings.

First, I make sure that the guix daemon will not remove previously
failed attempts when trying to build something again, when that is a
fixed-output derivation. Then, I add a Range HTTP header when
performing an HTTP fetch; this ensures that we only query for the part
we don't already have, and append it to the target file.

If a partial download fails, the same mirror/url is tried again, but
the partial file is removed first, ensuring we do a complete fetch this
time around. If that failed too, we try with the following url. If we
only perform a complete fetch, we proceed as usual. The next url will
be a partial fetch if there is already something locally.

The use-case is: I have a very unreliable wifi currently and when
downloading a big source (or substitute, but this patch doesn't address
that use-case), the connection is sometimes dropped in the middle and i
have to fetch everything from scratch. With this patch, the download

Some issues that might need to be fixed: progress only shows for the
rest of the file, it would be nicer if it could start again where it
was before (say the connection dropped at 34%, then the progress bar
should start from 34%). When there are at least two urls it goes like
that: fetch a partial file, connection drops. Remove the file and try
again, connection drops. Go to the next mirror, fetch a partial file.
The first mirror restarted the download from the beginning, but we'd
like it not to, and skip to the following mirror instead. When there is
a hash mismatch, the file is fetched twice on a further attempt.

When testing locally with guix build -S ghostscript (and running the
daemon from ./pre-inst-env), the download went fine. Cancelling it in
the middle and restarting it did continue the download instead of
starting again, which is nice :).

However, with that daemon there was a lot of new builds required to run
guix environment guix as my user (and nothing was substituted, which
is weird), whereas with the system's daemon, there was nothing to
build. Maybe there's something fishy in that patch...

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