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[bug#39309] [PATCH WIP] gnu: add stack.

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: [bug#39309] [PATCH WIP] gnu: add stack.
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 01:06:57 -0500
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Hi John,

John Soo <address@hidden> writes:

> Just wanted to CC you because this issue is hard to find thanks to my
> mistaken subject line.

This seems to be due to <>.

Briefly, the “hsc2hs” program bundled with GHC 8.6.5 accepts response
files, but then goes ahead and passes arguments directly to GCC.  Newer
versions of “hsc2hs” use response files for GCC, which solves the
“Argument list too long” problem.

My first suggestion would be to make a separate package for “hsc2hs”
using the version listed on Stackage (which is 0.68.6).  Then, add it as
a native input to the “stack” package and get it to shadow the version
shipped with GHC.

Failing that, we could consider patching our GHC package.  It would be
best to avoid that, though!  :)

(Also, there’s a duplicate “ghc-hspec-discover” in the patch set.  That
is, we already have an “hspec-discover” package.)

-- Tim

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