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[bug#39258] Faster guix search using an sqlite cache

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#39258] Faster guix search using an sqlite cache
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 00:37:23 +0530

>>> I would rather keep the current package cache as-is instead of inserting
>>> sqlite in here.  I don’t expect it to bring much compared
>>> performance-wise to the current simple cache (especially if we look at
>>> load time), and it does increase complexity quite a bit.
>> Complexity is about taste. ;-)
> It’s measurable to some extent (lines of code, cyclomatic complexity,
> etc.)

I agree with Ludo here. I think it does increase the complexity, and
probably unnecessarily so.

> Arun started the discussion on guix-devel with the idea of an inverted
> index, and I thought this would become a second index (possibly
> implemented using SQLite).  Perhaps I misunderstood the discussion all
> along though, let me know!  :-)

No, you didn't misunderstand. That's where it began. But, while
implementing it, I thought I might as well replace the existing cache.

Also, I've started working on guile-xapian bindings. With that, it seems
simpler to keep the current package cache and add a xapian index only to
speed up package search.

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