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[bug#39587] [PATCH] gnu: Add haproxy.

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: [bug#39587] [PATCH] gnu: Add haproxy.
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 10:29:34 +0000
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On 2020-02-13 09:26, Jelle Licht wrote:
Is there any particular reason to pass '/bin' instead of the (default)
  '/sbin' here?
I wrongly though it wasn't used in Guix. It'll be removed.

  It seems there are some tests included with haproxy using something
  called 'VTest', in `scripts/' for example.
Those are regression tests, are they really useful for us?

+    (license (list license:gpl2+
+                   license:lgpl2.1))))
                              ^ haproxy header files are licensed under
                              lgpl2.1+, at least according to
The include files I opened, where « [...] version 2.1 exclusively. ». I'll append lgpl2.1+ for the header files without a license header.

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