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[bug#39312] [PATCH] gnu: Add chatty.

From: Jakub Kądziołka
Subject: [bug#39312] [PATCH] gnu: Add chatty.
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 14:17:25 +0100

On Mon, Feb 03, 2020 at 11:55:06AM +0100, address@hidden wrote:
> From: Jonathan Brielmaier <address@hidden>
> * gnu/packages/messaging.scm (chatty): New variable.
> ---
>  gnu/packages/messaging.scm | 37 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  1 file changed, 37 insertions(+)

Hi, I installed the package into my user profile, and all the icons had
the "image not found" icon. After I installed adwaita-icon-theme
separately, the icons showed up properly. Maybe you need
adwaita-icon-theme in the propagated-inputs? But, if so, I'm confused as
to why hicolor-icon-theme is being propagated. Maybe both are needed,
but that seems weird.

> +   (native-inputs
> +     `(("desktop-file-utils" ,desktop-file-utils) ;for 
> update-desktop-database
> +       ("evolution-data-server" ,evolution-data-server) ;libebook-contacts
> +       ("folks" ,folks)
> +       ("gettext" ,gettext-minimal)
> +       ("glib:bin" ,glib "bin")
> +       ("gtk+:bin" ,gtk+ "bin")
> +       ("libgcrypt" ,libgcrypt)
> +       ("libgee" ,libgee)
> +       ("libhandy" ,libhandy)
> +       ("pidgin" ,pidgin)
> +       ("pkg-config" ,pkg-config)
> +       ("sqlite" ,sqlite)))
Most of these should not be in native-inputs, but normal inputs.
See '(guix)package Reference':

|         The distinction between ‘native-inputs’ and ‘inputs’ is
|         necessary when considering cross-compilation.  When
|         cross-compiling, dependencies listed in ‘inputs’ are built for
|         the _target_ architecture; conversely, dependencies listed in
|         ‘native-inputs’ are built for the architecture of the _build_
|         machine.
|         ‘native-inputs’ is typically used to list tools needed at
|         build time, but not at run time, such as Autoconf, Automake,
|         pkg-config, Gettext, or Bison.

Jakub Kądziołka

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