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[bug#40004] [PATCH] gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20200309.

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: [bug#40004] [PATCH] gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20200309.
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 03:18:34 +0000

Hi Efraim,

Thanks for applying the update.

Efraim Flashner <address@hidden> writes:

> Have to looked into what would be required to enable the other features
> we don't have yet for git-annex? From the build log it looks like we
> currently don't have the assistant, the webapp, local pairing, webdav or
> inotify support. No pressure, just wondering if you'd thought about it.

Good question.  I haven't really given it much thought because I
personally don't use any of those features.  I'll make a note to take a
look into enabling some of them, though realistically that will probably
remain buried in my to-do list unless I know there is a Guix user that
actually wants one of those features.

Perhaps worth noting: Of the subset of git-annex users (266) that took
the 2018 survey [0], under 10% reported using mostly the assistant,
while over 80% said they used mostly the command-line.  Who knows how
representative that is, but I wouldn't be surprised if the
Guix/git-annex user subset skews even more toward the command-line.


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