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[bug#37868] [PATCH v8] system: Add kernel-module-packages to operating-s

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: [bug#37868] [PATCH v8] system: Add kernel-module-packages to operating-system.
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 19:40:55 +0100


I'd like to push the patch to master on tuesday (with some minimal changes
to the commit message).

The only part I'm still unsure about is:

                          ;; TODO: system, target.
                            (cons kernel modules))
                           #:hooks (list linux-module-database)
                           #:locales? #f
                           #:allow-collisions? #f
                           #:relative-symlinks? #t))

Will Guix do the derivation (especially the invocation of depmod) for the
intended system and target?

Apparently, module-init-tools are supposed to be cross-platform anyway and work
when invoking depmod for files of an other architecture than the architecture
depmod is invoked on (and was compiled for).  So maybe we can also just ignore
the entire system/target propagation in this case.

To test that, I tried

  ./pre-inst-env guix build -s armhf-linux -m etc/system-tests.scm

and that seems to hang while compiling the kernel (?).

I'm confident that that has no connection to the patch because it hangs earlier
(at "AR      drivers/net/built-in.a").

Then I tried

  ./pre-inst-env guix build --target=xxx -m etc/system-tests.scm

and that seems to ignore target entirely.


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