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[bug#40060] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: youtube-dl: Use ffmpeg and pycryptodome

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#40060] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: youtube-dl: Use ffmpeg and pycryptodome
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 23:17:42 +0100

Hullo Brice,

Thanks for the patch!

Brice Waegeneire 写道:
I should have written this in the cover-letter, my bad.
pycryptodome is needed for the hlsative downloader, ffmpeg adds the
ability to merge video and audio files downloaded separately by
youtube-dl and removes the following warning:
WARNING: You have requested multiple formats but ffmpeg or avconv are
not installed. The formats won't be merged.

This message is one of the best I've seen. It clearly explains to the user what's (not) going to happen, and what they can do to change that *if* they want to. Hence I think adding ffmpeg as a hard dependency is incorrect.

(I'd also oppose a youtube-dl-full variant, by the way. Packages aren't the right place for this; profiles are.)

Does youtube-dl print a similarly clear message when pycryptodome is needed but missing? If not, that addition LGTM with a

 ("pycryptodome" ,pycryptodome) ; for the hlsnative downloader

comment.  Cover letters & commit messages age badly.

Kind regards,


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