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[bug#40040] Resubmission of patch for Package Description for CRAN Packa

From: Naga Malleswari
Subject: [bug#40040] Resubmission of patch for Package Description for CRAN Package r-crochet
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 23:31:20 +0530

On 19/03/20 11:23 pm, Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> Hi Naga,
> On Thu, 19 Mar 2020 23:05:35 +0530
> Naga Malleswari <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Also, we are using automated tools to apply these patches.  For that to work
>>> right without manual fiddling, please put eventual mail text below the "---"
>>> and above the "diff" (so it's filtered out by the automated tool).  
>> Actually i dint get the "Eventual mail text" part. All i have is this in
>> the patch file
> Nevermind, I'll just edit it.
>> Yes, you are correct. I have downloaded package description through 
>> guix import cran -r <package>. This resulted expat licence.
>> But its showing as MIT in the following link.
> Hmm, that looks better.  Weird.
> But just judging from , I wouldn't
> have thought that that was under MIT license.  The only mention there
> is in the DESCRIPTION file.  Is that enough for Guix?
>> The authors github page shows a file licence. Does it mean there is no
>> proper licensing applied for the package? In that case what should we do.
> Let's wait until someone knowledgeable in CRAN posts.
> Could you open an issue on asking
> them to put an Expat license file into the project if that's their intention?
I will do that. Meanwhile i will write package definition another
package. Would that be a correct?
>> r-isoband is showing expat in guix import,   MIT in website(
>> ,  git page
>> shows a file
> That has a file which makes the situation a lot clearer
> for that package.


But r-hrbrthmes package in cran.scm no license file is found.

>> MIT [...] Expat
> MIT is an ambiguous reference, actually it can be either Expat or X11.
> See also


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