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[bug#38149] [WIP] gnu: Add qgis.

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#38149] [WIP] gnu: Add qgis.
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 02:30:30 +0530


Thank you for continuing the work. I was not making any progress on the
tests and was caught up with other work.

> Do you think this package definition for QGIS is good enough to be
> merged in master (and improved later), or are the remaining issues
> blocking?

I agree we should merge this now and fix the tests later.

> I took the WIP patch and updated it for QGIS 3.12.1. I also added some
> inputs for optional features and some Qt wrapping for the SVG icons to
> show up correctly in the GUI.


> Things that can still be improved:
>  - Among the 550 tests, around 60 are failing. I disabled them for now
>    in the package definition.

Ok, that should be enough for now.

>  - Also, I only put GPL2+ and GPL3+ as license (like in Gentoo and Nix),
>    and not the complete list for every file (like in Debian).

Is this a good idea? I always thought we go the Debian way and try to
document every single license. I would love it if we only had to
document the "main license" but I'm not sure that is consistent with how
other Guix packages are written. Thoughts?


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