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[bug#38110] [PATCH core-updates v3] gnu: rust: Bootstrap rust@1.29.0 by

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: [bug#38110] [PATCH core-updates v3] gnu: rust: Bootstrap rust@1.29.0 by mrustc@0.9.
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 22:24:03 +0100

Hi Marius,

it's good to hear that we have some further progress.

I've tried it myself but I can't build it on my laptop with 8 GiB of RAM, not
even after adding 4 GiB of swap (on an SSD... urgh).

So if the "group linking" caused this massive increase of memory consumption,
that's probably not good.

Isn't it enough to automatically prepend "-lgit2" when "-lssh2" appears
or something?


I have an account on bayfront and it doesn't work there either (copied the
entire working directory over from my laptop):

Building rust, I get a texinfo build failure:
+ exec ./ginfo --init-file ./t/Infokey-config -f file-menu
info: "./t/Infokey-config", line 2: unknown action `xxx-not-recognized'
info: "./t/Infokey-config", line 3: cannot bind key sequence to menu-digit
+ kill -s WINCH 16225
+ rm -f t/
+ rm -f t/ t/
+ exit 1
FAIL t/ (exit status: 1)
command "make" "check" "-j" "6" failed with status 2

(it does the same even after guix gc, so it's reproducible)

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