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[bug#40195] [EXTERNAL]Re: [bug#40195] Add Docusign python API module as

From: Josh Marshall
Subject: [bug#40195] [EXTERNAL]Re: [bug#40195] Add Docusign python API module as a package
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 17:46:43 +0000

The tarballs that GitHub automatically generates per-tag (named like
'v3.0.0.tar.gz') do sometimes change, which breaks our packaging. So we
should package this either from the Git tag or from PyPI:
> Done

I think we should take the PyPi name as canonical, so as a Python
library, this Guix package should be called 'python-docusign-esign'.
> Done

Why are the tests skipped? Can you add a code comment? Even just "No
test suite" if that is the case.
> Done

Make sure to lint the package. You may need to do it in a Guix
development environment; something like this should work:
> I couldn't figure the command -- thanks.  Also done

Can you send a revised patch? 
> See attached

Also, does this integrate with any Guix packages?
> No?

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