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[bug#40236] [PATCH] doc: Suggest Btrfs with compression instead of ext4

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: [bug#40236] [PATCH] doc: Suggest Btrfs with compression instead of ext4 for root partition.
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 00:49:36 -0400
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Hello Pierre,

Pierre Neidhardt <> writes:

> Now that 37305 is merged, we can revisit this issue.
> 1. This patch only includes a documentation update.
> 2. We could make Btrfs the default in the graphical installer.

Is it already possible to choose Btrfs in the graphical installer? I
guess so, but I haven't tried.

> 3. We would probably need to update the tests, at least for the
> latter.
> As mentioned above, I think it's safe to enable Btrfs without subvolume,
> with Zstd compression.

My personal experience also tells me so, but it is true that it is still
newer and more exotic than EXT4.

> For subvolumes, we would need to implement the corresponding tests.

What kind of tests are you referring to? There is a test in (gnu tests
install) that install root on a Btrfs subvolume and boot from it, but
I'm pretty sure the graphical installer doesn't have support for
configuring a Btrfs subvolumes layout.

> Thoughts?

I'm in favor of encouraging the use of Btrfs with compression given that
Guix puts more stress on storage space compared to traditional distros,
and that I've had only positive experiences with Btrfs in the last year
and half or so that I've used it on my machines.


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