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[bug#41735] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add openssh-no-x.

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: [bug#41735] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add openssh-no-x.
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 12:00:46 +0200
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Mathieu Othacehe writes:


> * gnu/packages/ssh.scm (openssh-no-x): New variable.
> diff --git a/gnu/packages/ssh.scm b/gnu/packages/ssh.scm
> +;; OpenSSH without X support. This allows to use OpenSSH without dragging X
> +;; libraries to the closure.
> +(define-public openssh-no-x
> +  (package
> +    (inherit openssh)
> +    (name "openssh-no-x")
> +    (inputs (alist-delete "xauth" (package-inputs openssh)))))

I like it!  Maybe use -sans-x?

Two remarks: after merging, we may want to use openssh-no-x for the Hurd
too and drop this from openssh proper:

             ,@(if (hurd-target?)
                   `(("xauth" ,xauth)))))         ; for 'ssh -X' and 'ssh -Y'

We have this bit because xauth does not compile for the Hurd yet,
but it's kind of a kludge.

Not to hold this up and maybe we should take this discussion
elsewhere...but I have a ~5y old, bit-rotting stack of LilyPond cross
build packages (foo-SANS-X) laying around.  At the time--much to my
suprise--I found the LilyPond community less than enthousiastic to move
their binary package builds to Guix (yet); but adding these -NO-X
packages felt a bit weird.  So, I wonder if we could address the X'yness
of packages in a more structured way, that would be nice...


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond
Freelance IT | AvatarĀ®

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