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bug#41685: [PATCH] doc: Add note to 'udisks-service'.

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: bug#41685: [PATCH] doc: Add note to 'udisks-service'.
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 10:35:43 +0200
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Hi Ludo',

Thank you for the review.

Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> Hi!
> Brice Waegeneire <> skribis:
>> * doc/guix.texi (Desktop Services): Specify how to add file-systems
>> utilities to 'udisks-service'.
> [...]
>> +UDisks}, a @dfn{disk management} daemon that provides user interfaces
>> +with notifications and ways to mount/unmount disks.  Programs that talk
>> +to UDisks include the @command{udisksctl} command, part of UDisks, and
>> +GNOME Disks.  Note that Udisks rely on the @command{mount} command, so
> s/rely/relies/
>> +it will only be able to use the file-system utilities which are
> s/which are//
>> +installed in the system profile.  For example if you want to be able to
>> +mount NTFS file-systems in read and write fashion, you'll need to have
>> +@code{ntfs-3g} installed system-wide.
>>  @end deffn
> Thanks,
> Ludo’.

Pushed as 1b5d26c967b17b635c88a094e010cd42a9afb220 with the 2 fixes you


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