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[bug#40815] gnu: Add metamath

From: elaexuotee
Subject: [bug#40815] gnu: Add metamath
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 17:46:22 +0900
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> Note the book could also go into another package, once texlive-amsfonts is
> fixed.

Interesting. Either way it's a similarly sized patch, so I'm curious why a
"metamath-doc" packages would be preferable to a "metamath:doc" output.

> Meanwhile, I think we can remove the comments in this one and apply it.

Sure. You intuition on what is best for the repo is certainly more honed than
mine. Would you mind sharing your reasoning for deleting the comments though?
Not sure I see why.

My thinking was this: want want a "doc" output if possible; the work of
creating that is already done; so we might as well make that work available.
Are you mostly trying to avoid comment clutter?

Either way, the patch I included here strips out the comments.

> I don't have enough knowledge to comment LaTeX packages. I suggest to
> submit them as separate issues. If still no one comments of them, I'll
> apply them later.

Great. I'll do that. Thanks.


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