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bug#41778: [PATCH 0/3] Add ppsspp

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: bug#41778: [PATCH 0/3] Add ppsspp
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 17:08:31 +0200
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Leo Prikler <> writes:

> No, but I'd imagine it would not work out great, because the source is
> a git checkout in /gnu/store, which is read-only and it is compiled in-
> place.

Oh ok. I didn't get it was compiled in-place.

> I'm looking mostly at the contents of ext/ here, which has stuff we
> already package, like cityhash among others.  A bit of context is given
> in the unbundling snippet I use for glslang and spirv-cross, which I've
> managed to unbundle, but the rest are not pulled in as submodules, so
> it would require a `guix build --source` and manual analysis to sift
> through all that.  
> I don't think a less vague comment could improve this understanding
> without risking to be invalidated at some point in the future.  Perhaps
> I could clarify, that it's "mostly ext/", but even that is not
> completely true, since upstream also has ffmpeg as a toplevel submodule
> (which I don't pull in, instead using the flags they already provide
> for using system ffmpeg).

Fair enough.

>> Otherwise, LGTM, barring the description of spirv-cross, where I
>> suggest
>> to drop the "NOTE:" part. It reminds me taisei package felt through
>> the
>> cracks. I'll apply it once spirv-cross is pushed.
> To be fair, that's where I copied it from – I think I already mentioned
> that.

I know. And this is what reminded about taisei.

> I just updated the version and added some details in the comment
> regarding failing tests and hence added my updated patch.  I also think
> this description to be quite weird, but at the same time am unsure on
> how to better rephrase it.  I will send an updated version of it once I
> do come up with something better than just dropping the "NOTE:" part.

Well, I still think dropping the note is appropriate, but I won't fight
over it. Let me know if you find something that suits you better.

I applied your patches. I tweaked comments. In particular comments
starting with two semicolons are full sentences and are supposed to
start with a capital and end with a full stop.

Thank you!

Nicolas Goaziou

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