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bug#42096: [PATCH] gnu: Add UFO: Alien Invasion.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: bug#42096: [PATCH] gnu: Add UFO: Alien Invasion.
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 23:31:59 +0200

Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Hello,
> Marius Bakke <> writes:
>> This adds a pre-release/development version of a fairly large and
>> complex game.  I went with the pre-release because according to the
>> developers it is "mostly complete", and the previous version is four
>> years old and requires heaps of patches to work.
>> I'm fairly confident in the packaging, but unsure about the version
>> identifier, and whether the warning in the description is sufficient.
>> Also, as this game is a mix of GPL2+ and GPL2, I went with the latter,
>> but the data files list both.  On second thought, they might also count
>> as a "combined works" and thus become GPL2-only.
>> Finally, maybe it's worth mentioning in the description that it is a
>> clone/reimplementation of the famous (but proprietary) X-COM games.
>> Comments welcome!
> Nice job! I tried to package it a few weeks ago, but stopped as it was
> getting too hairy.

Thanks.  :-)

> Small note: I see some CC=gcc flags, but I think the trend is to replace
> them where cross-compiling matters (which may not be the case here).

Right.  It also uses "CXX=g++", which does not have a 'cc-for-target'
companion yet, so I punted on this.  Besides, I expect more changes are
needed in order to actually cross-compile.

> I think the version is fine, packaging 2.5.X is a dead-end.

Thanks for checking, pushed in 0ceb7c191d5954658593153d03f043a7f2100cd1!

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