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[bug#42123] [PATCH] linux-libre: Enable module compression.

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: [bug#42123] [PATCH] linux-libre: Enable module compression.
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 09:32:43 +0200
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Hey Ludo!

> As for the location… I think the reason things are like this is to avoid
> having everything depend on (guix self), but maybe that’s OK after all?
> If the zlib bindings were an external package, things would be easier
> because we wouldn’t have to do this (guix config) dance.
> More generally, we should look at all the uses of (guix config) and see
> whether/how we can get rid of them.
> But I digress… Thoughts?

Thanks for your quick feedback. Given the time I spent debugging this
issue, I agree that this (guix config) module thing is hard to deal

If it works for you, I could create three new Guile libraries:

* Guile-libz
* Guile-liblz
* Guile-xz

or maybe just,

* Guile-compression

It would help us getting rid of (guix config) as you proposed.




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