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[bug#42261] [PATCH 4/4] services: Add ganeti.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#42261] [PATCH 4/4] services: Add ganeti.
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 22:58:29 +0200
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Marius Bakke <> skribis:

> * gnu/services/virtualization.scm (<ganeti-noded-configuration>,
> <ganeti-confd-configuration>, <ganeti-wconfd-configuration>,
> <ganeti-luxid-configuration>, <ganeti-rapi-configuration>,
> <ganeti-kvmd-configuration>, <ganeti-mond-configuration>),
> <ganeti-metad-configuration>, <ganeti-watcher-configuration>,
> <ganeti-cleaner-configuration>, <ganeti-configuration>, <ganeti-os>,
> <ganeti-os-variant>, <debootstrap-configuration>): New record types.
> (%default-ganeti-environment-variables, ganeti-noded-service,
> ganeti-noded-service-type, ganeti-confd-service, ganeti-confd-service-type,
> ganeti-wconfd-service, ganeti-wconfd-service-type, ganeti-luxid-service,
> ganeti-luxid-service-type, ganeti-rapi-service, ganeti-rapi-service-type,
> ganeti-kvmd-service, ganeti-kvmd-service-type, ganeti-mond-service,
> ganeti-mond-service-type, ganeti-metad-service, ganeti-metad-service-type,
> ganeti-watcher-command, ganeti-watcher-jobs, ganeti-watcher-service-type,
> ganeti-cleaner-jobs, ganeti-cleaner-service-type, ganeti-activation,
> ganeti-shepherd-services, ganeti-mcron-jobs, ganeti-service-type,
> hooks->directory, debootstrap-configuration-compiler, debootstrap-variant,
> ganeti-os-variant->configuration, ganeti-os->directory, ganeti-directory,
> file-storage-file, ganeti-etc-service, ganeti-service-type): New variables.
> * gnu/tests/virtualization.scm (%debootstrap-hooks, %ganeti-os,
> run-ganeti-test, %test-ganeti-kvm, %test-ganeti-lxc): New variables.
> * doc/guix.texi (Virtualization Services): Document accordingly.

Since it’s a big chunk, perhaps it could live in (gnu services ganeti)?

> +Ganeti is a cluster-based virtual machine management system.  It consists
Maybe add one more sentence to give an idea of what it does or what
features it provides.

> +of multiple services which are described later in this section.  In addition
> +to the Ganeti service, you will need the OpenSSH service
> +(@pxref{Networking Services, @code{openssh-service-type}}), and update the
> +@file{/etc/hosts} file (@pxref{operating-system Reference, 
> @code{hosts-file}})
> +with the cluster name and address (or use a DNS server).  Here is an example
> +configuration for a Ganeti cluster node:
Add “that does X and Y”, or “with X nodes running Y”, something like
that.  :-)

> +There is also a
> +@url{,blog post}
> +describing how to configure a small cluster.

It’d be great to see if part of the examples in the post (which I
haven’t read yet) can be folded in the manual.

> +@table @asis
> +@item @code{ganeti} (default: @code{ganeti})
> +The @code{ganeti} package to use.  It will be installed to the system profile
> +and make @command{gnt-cluster}, @command{gnt-instance}, etc available.  Note
> +that the value specified here does not affect the other services as each 
> refer
> +to a specific @code{ganeti} package (see below).
> +
> +@item @code{noded-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-noded-configuration)})
> +@item @code{confd-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-confd-configuration)})
> +@item @code{wconfd-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-wconfd-configuration)})
> +@item @code{luxid-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-luxid-configuration)})
> +@item @code{rapi-configuration} (default: @code{(ganeti-rapi-configuration)})
> +@item @code{kvmd-configuration} (default: @code{(ganeti-kvmd-configuration)})
> +@item @code{mond-configuration} (default: @code{(ganeti-mond-configuration)})
> +@item @code{watcher-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-watcher-configuration)})
> +@item @code{cleaner-configuration} (default: 
> @code{(ganeti-cleaner-configuration)})

You need @itemx for all but the first one.

Anyway, that looks very nice!


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