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[bug#42404] [PATCH] gnu: Add libtmcg and dkgpg.

From: Justus Winter
Subject: [bug#42404] [PATCH] gnu: Add libtmcg and dkgpg.
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 10:53:55 +0200

Brett Gilio <> writes:

> Thank you for taking time to contribute these packages. Overall, without
> trying them and running the linter they seem okay. However, a few notes:
> 1. Does this require a new file?

Well, there is no good place to put OpenPGP software.  There is
gnupg.scm, which contains GnuPG-related packages, and some other OpenPGP
software, that IMHO shouldn't be in gnupg.scm.  GnuPG is an
implementation of the OpenPGP protocol.  Putting a different
implementation into gnupg.scm just because it implements the same
protocol seems wrong.

> If yes, please make sure that new file gets referenced appropriately
> in our Makefile so that it gets included in our bytecode compilation.

Sure, I missed that.

> 2. Could you split this into two patches? One introducing the new file
> and a first package. And a second patch introducing the second
> package?



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