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[bug#42474] [PATCH 0/3] WIP: Add hunspell-dict-de.

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: [bug#42474] [PATCH 0/3] WIP: Add hunspell-dict-de.
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 14:26:49 +0200

Hi folks,

as I'm missing spell checker in Icecat and Libreoffice (Icedove let you install 
one), I tried to package

It's more engaged then I thought before :P I added byacc as an yacc 
implementation required
by ispell. That part is working, so not WIP.

It's Makefiles are a bit ugly so you need to patch them somehow.
At the current state the binaries are looking at the wrong place for the 
"/lib/ispell/*.hash" files.
So I guess that is where
ice-9/boot-9.scm:1669:16: In procedure raise-exception:
In procedure open-file: No such file or directory: 
comes from.
$ /gnu/store/smvi9sk3s3xvn0xx6az0hvzl6mhy7zyn-ispell-3.4.00/bin/ispell
Can't open /lib/ispell/english.hash
Do I need to wrap this somehow?

It's blocked by ispell. It only requires buildhash which seems to be working.

In general wouldn't it make sense to rename aspell.scm to spell.scm and move 
the hunspell* stuff from
libreoffice.scm there?

Jonathan Brielmaier (3):
  gnu: Add byacc.
  WIP: gnu: Add ispell.
  WIP: gnu: Add hunspell-dict-de.

 gnu/packages/aspell.scm      | 45 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 gnu/packages/c.scm           | 20 ++++++++++++++++
 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm | 28 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 3 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)


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