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[bug#42473] [PATCH] gnu: zrythm: Update to 0.8.694.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#42473] [PATCH] gnu: zrythm: Update to 0.8.694.
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 00:16:23 +0200
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Hi Alexandros,

Alexandros Theodotou <> skribis:

> This is actually 2 patches. The first updates libcyaml and the 2nd
> Zrythm. Note that I (Zrythm author) have added a trademark policy to
> Zrythm that says modified versions that include the trademarks require
> permission (as discussed on IRC with a few people):
> I am not 100% sure if patching the xdg-open path counts as a modified
> version, but in any case this email is signed using the same key used
> to sign the release, so it can be interpreted as "written permission"
> to redistribute this.

OK.  Perhaps right above the ‘name’ field of the package, you could add
a link to the trademark policy above and state that Guix has a written
permission to use it, with a link to your message?  That way we’ll have
an audit trail.

> The FSDG allows trademarks from what I understand:

Your interpretation seems correct to me.

> So it is up to the maintainers to decide if they want to keep Zrythm as
> it is or rename it. Either way, I am happy with either decision,
> although I would prefer if you were OK with keeping the "Zrythm" name
> (as long as there's no patches to remove/add functionality or links to
> the Zrythm website or things like that).

I don’t see any reason not to keep “Zrythm” as things stand.

Thoughts anyone?  (Cc: maintainers.)

Apart from that, the patches LGTM!

Thank you,

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