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[bug#42390] [PATCH] gnu: Add python-mamba.

From: Hartmut Goebel
Subject: [bug#42390] [PATCH] gnu: Add python-mamba.
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 21:19:39 +0200
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Am 22.07.20 um 12:38 schrieb Ludovic Courtès:
> Hartmut, it looks like there are cases like this where python-coverage
> is used as a library and thus should not be in ‘native-inputs’.  Should
> we remove it from the list?

This depends on whether you see "guix lint" as a helper or an enforcer -
and on how one classifies this package.

IMHO lint is a helper and coverage is used at build-time only most of
the time. This is why I added it to the list. YMMV, though.

In the case of python-mamba - which is a test-runner -,
"propagated-input" seems to be correct, so lint gives inaccurate advice

Hartmut Goebel

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