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[bug#42516] [PATCH] doc: Extend tlp-service-type example.

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#42516] [PATCH] doc: Extend tlp-service-type example.
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 12:43:07 +0200

* doc/guix.texi (Power Management Services): Demonstrate
tlp-configuration usage.

Suggested by rovanion on #guix.
 doc/guix.texi | 14 +++++++-------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/guix.texi b/doc/guix.texi
index fb1c66dcf4..56085865fa 100644
--- a/doc/guix.texi
+++ b/doc/guix.texi
@@ -23490,17 +23490,17 @@ source is detected.  More information can be found at
 @uref{, TLP home page}.
 @deffn {Scheme Variable} tlp-service-type
-The service type for the TLP tool.  Its value should be a valid
-TLP configuration (see below).  To use the default settings, simply
+The service type for the TLP tool.  The default settings are optimised
+for battery life on most systems, but you can tweak them to your heart's
+content by passing a valid @code{tlp-configuration} as its value:
-(service tlp-service-type)
+(service tlp-service-type
+         (tlp-configuration
+          (cpu-scaling-governor-on-ac (list "performance"))
+          (sched-powersave-on-bat? #t)))
 @end lisp
 @end deffn
-By default TLP does not need much configuration but most TLP parameters
-can be tweaked using @code{tlp-configuration}.
 Each parameter definition is preceded by its type; for example,
 @samp{boolean foo} indicates that the @code{foo} parameter
 should be specified as a boolean.  Types starting with

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