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[bug#42526] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-shx.

From: LaFreniere, Joseph
Subject: [bug#42526] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-shx.
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 08:29:26 -0500

Oleg Pykhalov <> writes:
Could you also take a look on running test suite in a package recipe, please?

Thank you for pointing that out. A new patch file is attached with tests enabled and passing:
starting phase `check'
✔ shx-tokenize works with apostrophes.
✔ shx-tokenize works with partial apostrophes.
✔ shx-tokenize returns nil when quoting doesn't match.
✔ shx-tokenize works with apostrophes and quotation marks.
✔ shx-tokenize works with escaped spaces.
✔ shx-tokenize works with escaped quotation marks.
✔ shx-tokenize works with escaped characters
✔ shx-tokenize works with a directory specified.
✔ shx--get-user-cmd returns nil for empty string
✔ shx--get-user-cmd returns command with correct prefix
✔ shx--safe-as-markup-p recognizes unsafe command
✔ shx--safe-as-markup-p recognizes a safe command
✔ shx--safe-as-markup-p handles undocumented command
✔ shx--quote-regexp matches escaped regexps correctly
✔ shx--quote-regexp matches unescaped regexps correctly
✔ shx--get-timer-list is empty
✔ shx--shx-timer-list grows by 1
✔ shx--get-timer-list becomes empty
✔ shx.el passes checkdoc
✔ shx-cat concatenates strings correctly
✔ shx-cat propertizes text correctly
✔ shx--shell-command finds the default shell
✔ shx--replace-from-list acts sequentially
✔ shx--replace-from-list performs the correct replacements
✔ shx-el passes check-declare-file
✔ shx-cmd-syntax recognizes command with arguments
✔ shx-cmd-syntax recognizes alphabetical command names
✔ shx-cmd-syntax recognizes hyphenated command names
✔ shx--shell-quote-no-quotation-marks escapes string
✔ shx.el passes byte-compilation
✔ shx-tokenize-filenames works with relative and absolute paths.
✔ shx--all-commands lists user command functions
phase `check' succeeded after 0.2 seconds

Joseph LaFreniere

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