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[bug#42473] [PATCH] gnu: zrythm: Update to 0.8.694.

From: Alexandros Theodotou
Subject: [bug#42473] [PATCH] gnu: zrythm: Update to 0.8.694.
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2020 20:26:32 +0100
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On Sun, 2020-07-26 at 19:08 +0200, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice wrote:

> So does everyone else.
> This implies that Guix has some special right but AFAICT the 
> linked URL does not grant a single exception to ‘unmodified 
> copies’.  What's the intention behind this hunk? 
> Does the permission to ‘use the […] trademarks’ mean that we can 
> now use them however we want?  Presumably not, but then Guix 
> doesn't need any ‘written permission’ at all.  Your policy applies 
> to everyone.

Let me propose this instead, which is much clearer and gives a lot of
freedom to Guix for further modifications:

Guix, as released by the GNU project on, has permission to include
this Zrythm release (cryptographically signed by Alexandros Theodotou)
in its package repositories with any modifications necessary to
integrate Zrythm into Guix, provided that those modifications do not
change any of the intended functionalities of Zrythm or any text or
media presented to the user by the Zrythm user interface (including,
but not limited to URLs, images and message prompts). Alexandros
Theodotou reserves the right to revoke this trademark permission if the
current guidelines are not met, subject to Alexandros Theodotou's sole

I can add this to the file (along with permissions for
other distros in the future) and re-release in a couple of days, and as
long as this permission notice is present in future releases, Guix will
have permission to make any of the above changes. The last sentence is
just a failsafe/safeguard for me and seems like it's standard in all
trademark permissions.

What do you think?

> I'd love to see a trademark policy that doesn't mention Guix (or 
> *anyone*) by name but gives us (and *anyone*) the freedom to do 
> what we want to do: responsibly but independently maintain & 
> redistribute a well-integrated, CVE-free ZRythm package.  I'm 
> aware that I might be hoping for too much :-)

While I wish I could do that as well, there are no other similar
examples to follow afaik and IANAL so I don't know how to put that
wording in legal terms that cannot be abused (giving permission to
*anyone* to do things with a trademark beyond what basic trademark law
allows does not sound like a good idea), besides giving specific
permission to trusted projects like GNU Guix, so I try to stay on the
safe side.


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