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[bug#42465] [PATCH 10/10] gnu: Add python-mypy.

From: Tanguy Le Carrour
Subject: [bug#42465] [PATCH 10/10] gnu: Add python-mypy.
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 09:57:27 +0200

Hi Marius,

The emails that will follow contain the updated patch set.
I think I've addressed all the problems you reported. Thanks again!
There are two things that I'll changed:

- `python-flake8-bugbear`: I've disabled a test that fails on slow
  computers like mine. Was it the proper thing to do?!
- `python-hypothesmith` now uses `python-hypothesis-5.23` even though
  `python-flake8-bugbear` still uses `python-hypothesis`.

Just to make sure, I'll sum up your comments below.

* [PATCH 02/10] gnu: python-hypothesis: Update to 5.20.0.
> This can not be applied on 'master' because Hypothesis has 6261
> dependent packages. […] you can add a different variable with the new
> hypothesis.

Done! I've updated it to 5.23.0.

* [PATCH 03/10] gnu: Add python-mypy-extensions.
* [PATCH 04/10] gnu: Add python-typing-inspect.
* [PATCH 05/10] gnu: Add python-libcst.
* [PATCH 06/10] gnu: Add python-lark-parser.
* [PATCH 07/10] gnu: Add python-hypothesmith.

Thanks for all your helpful comments regarding synopsis and description.
I'd have accepted a global "run the f@#*!g linter", though! :-)
To be honest, I'm not yet comfortable with editing the info I get from
a project's page, so I mostly copy/paste… which, I know, is bad! I'll
work on that!

* [PATCH 08/10] gnu: Add python-flake8-bugbear.
> I realize now that hypothesmith is probably a hypothesis plugin?
> In that case it should not propagate hypothesis IMO.

Unfortunately, it does not build if I drop it.

* [PATCH 09/10] gnu: Add python-flake8-pyi.
> No punctuation or article (you probably got that by now). :-)

Yeah, I think I'm starting to see where you're going with this! :-D

* [PATCH 10/10] gnu: Add python-mypy.
> Perhaps s/Optional//?  I mean, if it was mandatory, wouldn't it be part
> of cpython?


I've built, installed and tested MyPy successfully! Thanks again for
your help!


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