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[bug#42576] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: llvm: Move dynamic libraries to a separate

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: [bug#42576] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: llvm: Move dynamic libraries to a separate "lib" output.
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2020 13:18:03 +0200

Hi Danny!

Danny Milosavljevic <> writes:

> Hmm, glib for example moves the binaries to a "bin" output while retaining the
> libraries in "out".
> Any reason this patch moves the libraries and not the binaries?

Ludo suggested this way I think out of consistency with the rest.

> Also, I would have thought that those llvm programs reference the llvm
> libraries anyway, and thus in the end no space could be saved.  Is this
> not the case?

This patch not about saving space for LLVM programs, but packages that depend
on LLVM libraries and which don't need the programs.


Pierre Neidhardt

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