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[bug#42682] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add python-hjson.

From: Jan Wielkiewicz
Subject: [bug#42682] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add python-hjson.
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 14:28:24 +0200

Dnia 2020-08-03, o godz. 10:21:11
Mathieu Othacehe <> napisaƂ(a):

> Hello Jan,
> Thanks for this patch. Please make sure to run the linter that reports
> two warnings here.
Okay. I'll check that.
> You need to elaborate on that with at least two or three sentences,
> explaining what is this user interface and what does it bring.
To be honest, I'm not sure what they mean by "user interface to JSON".
They vaguely explain this on their website
I'm also not sure if I'm permited to just copy and paste text from
their website because of copyright.
My English is also sloppy sometimes and I fail to write meaningful
description about too abstract things.
I can try diving in and check what it does, but I don't have any
experience with Python.

> Thanks,
> Mathieu

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