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[bug#42229] [PATCH 8/9] gnu: jami: Fix compilation by providing necessar

From: Jan Wielkiewicz
Subject: [bug#42229] [PATCH 8/9] gnu: jami: Fix compilation by providing necessary webchat files.
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 15:02:26 +0200

Dnia 2020-08-04, o godz. 00:40:25 napisaƂ(a):

> Hello Jan!


> This doesn't seem to be the canonical place to get the latest
> chatview. Rather, it lives in the LRC repo [0]. It was copied there
> sometime in 2019, and no new commit were made to the repo you used
> above since.
Didn't notice that, thanks. I was too busy looking for the source of
the pjproject bug.

> [0]
> As I understand it, jami-chatview is *not* maintained as a distinct
> component upstream, hence it makes little sense to maintain it as one
> in Guix: it'd burden us with maintaining it, with little to no gain.
> IIUC, all we need is to symlink the web-chatview from the lrc
> package, which every Jami clients will already depend on.
I was hoping Jami developers will make it a separate package or at
least add some CMake rules to install it properly, but they're busy
doing other things. The problem is it is file when installing from
a tarball, but libringclient fetched from git only contains symlinks in
./webchat pointing to a higher directory "../../" - this doesn't make
sense outside of the context of tarball or source fetched to right

> The suggestion I'd make to upstream is to *install* those files as
> part of a LRC installation (somewhere under share/), and then have
> the build system check for their presence at configure time and use
> them directly.
> Does that make sense?
Yes. I'm lazily refactoring my code allowing fetching from git - I made
a diff of directories of Jami built from tarball and from git and I
exactly know where to place webchat. I'll just fix the libringclient

> Maxim

Jan Wielkiewicz

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