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[bug#42734] Export android-platform-system-core

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: [bug#42734] Export android-platform-system-core
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 07:33:03 -0400
User-agent: K-9 Mail for Android

Unfortunately, android-platform-core should first be fixed to accept a hash as an argument, otherwise any other version will fail. Don't know why we haven't done that before…

On 2020年8月6日 20:44:23 GMT-04:00, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <> wrote:

Here are two patches to export android-platform-system-core.

This way it can be used as a dependency like that:
`(("android-core" ,(android-platform-system-core


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